After seven days free trial you can order an unlimited license in our shop.

To activate your application we first need your Computer Code. For this purpose you can either download an Excelfile or you can generate the Computer Code in the worksheet “CUBE_ACTION” in your trial app. Please send an E-Mail with your Computer Code per copy & paste to


You get your Activation Code back from us as soon as possible.

To register the application please put the “CubeQuiz1000”-Button in the top menu:


Then press “Register”. A new window will pop up, where you can enter your Activation Code per copy & paste. After “Ok” you have an unlimited license for your PC. Your Activation Code is also valid for later upgrades.

Your license contains one year free support. Don’t hesitate, if you have any questions or any ideas to improve our tool for backgammon.

Best regards

Hartmut Schuler

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